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BBM Granites

Natural Stone

Customer Delight, Dedicated To Value Creation

Building on years of expertise and experience in exports, the BBM Bommidala Group achieved a ‘Mile-Stone’ with the establishment of the business of bringing the best of India’s exotic variety of finest quality natural stone to customers worldwide. 

The Group deals in an assorted selection of naturally quarried stone – from Granite to marble, sand stone, limestone and slate. The company also supplies aesthetic decorative stone of Indian origin.

With an unparallel understanding of the nature, structure and texture of the alluring variety of stone, and the ability to source, process and supply, BBM’s specialization lies in fashioning granite, marble, or any other stone, into decorative products, in standard formats like kitchen worktops, countertops, vanity units and table tops, besides custom- fabricating the products to suit customer sensibilities.

Adhering to world class standards, BBM also exports the exquisite stone in regular styles of raw blocks, free length, polished slabs as well as in cut-to-size forms, and tiles, in different designs and dimensions.

Value Addition

Excelling as a natural stone exporter, BBM very actively engages in implementing both residential and commercial projects involving custom cutting profiling stone of all kinds into finished products.

Portfolio of Products

BBM’s resource of quality natural stone products include the world's finest granite, marble, sandstone, limestone and slate.

Each of it in a palette of colors, finishes, textures and sheen, each diverse beyond compare. 


Granite, recognized for its beauty and color combined with strength, has gained popularity for its versatile applications.

BBM’s premium range of granite slabs and tiles available in stunning patterns are the in-vogue flooring choice for modern residential as well as commercial spaces, for the overall resiliency, unique color options, and different surface finishing. Polished granite sheets are also the preferred pick for kitchen countertops, table tops and wall cladding for its high durability and aesthetic appeal. 

Granites are predominantly white, pink, or gray in color, depending on their mineralogy. Most sought after colors presented by the Company are Coffee Brown, Tan Brown, Moon White, Steel Gray, Premium Black, Black Galaxy, Black Pearl, Absolute Black and Z Black.

The Company's core strength lies in its constant endeavor to promote new varieties of Granite from time to time and also its ability to fine tune the concept of customer satisfaction and understanding client needs.


Resplendent Marble regarded as the 'queen of stones' attracts huge demand internationally for the grandeur and grace it imparts to any structure. 

India is one of the largest exporters of marble, with abundant impressive deposits of the soothing natural stone, in the States of Gujarat and the Makrana region of Rajasthan.  

The magnificent stone, once the privilege of only the Royalty, is now extensively used in interior as well as exterior architectural designing – for that instant luxurious look -  beautifully crafted countertops and panels, in flooring, walls, decorative features and stairways. 

BBM supplies several types from the most sought after Milky White to marble infused with color, swirls and veins – in brown, green, gold and pink - globally celebrated for the brilliant luster and impeccable beauty. 


Renowned as the 'stone of creativity,’ sandstone is a comparatively soft natural stone, resistant to weathering and easy to work upon. The stone is available in a hue of colors. In a range of finishes as well as sizes. The most common colors are Tan, Brown, Yellow, Pink, Red, Black and Gray.

Almost maintenance free, the stone finds ample applicability both for interior as well for exterior and landscaping purposes, - as floor plates, wall cladding, step blocks, tiles, blocks, wall stones, cobblestones - for all of this it is globally acclaimed as a popular construction and architectural stone.


Volcanic in origin, Slate naturally occurs in different shades of gray, revealing itself also in rare colors like Lilac, greenish-blue Cyan and Green. Besides, in Red, Yellow, Rose, Pink, Multicolor and Black.

Suitable for residential as well as commercial projects, slate can be used for roofing, flooring, wall cladding and also for shower enclosures and pool surrounds.

As per the requirement, slate can be made into slabs that can be further crafted into thin sheets.


Limestone displays several attractive features, variations in intensity of color, and composition from coarse to fine, coupled with the exceptionally large range of functionality.  Conventionally white in color, limestone also comes in tones of brown, red, yellow, pink, gray, black or blue, the colors attributed to impurities present in the stone. Limestone as slabs and tiles adapt well   in interior and exterior cladding, landscaping, paving and flooring. 

Determined by the purpose, different types of limestone are picked based on the physical properties, such as density, porosity, hardness as well as appearance and texture.

Quality Assurance

The Group is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified business.

To ensure premium quality of the products, the company implements a comprehensive, multistage process from the inspection and procurement of raw material, to cutting and shaping, to polishing, to the final full- product assessment.

Equipped with the most modern quality control laboratory, BBM constantly endeavors to maintain and enforce rigorous quality assurance measures at all times.

BBM’s quality compliances encompass delivery parameters as well, including that packaging is geared to meet International stipulations and safety norms.

Consistent and committed efforts of the company in presenting top-notch products to meet the most stringent quality specifications has earned an enduring reputation as a reliable and highly client-centric exporter and service provider.

Market Presence

BBM with core offerings of exceptional services, outstanding quality,%