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Premier Tobacco Packers

Premier Tobacco Packers Private Limited was incorporated in 1978. With a plant each at Kareedu in Ongole and Pothur in Guntur, the core operations of the company are threshing, re-drying and packing. The Company’s installed green leaf processing capacity is 5 m. t per hour. The company has the distinction of achieving the highest threshing yield per hour in the Indian tobacco industry.

Our Product Polio:

All varities of Raw Tobacco
a. Chewing Tobacco Rustica Tobacco (Calcutta)
b. Sun Cured Burley Tobacco (Traditional)
c. Sun Cured Natu Tobacco (Eluru)
d. Fluecured Virginia SLS
e. Chewing Tobacco (Red Chopadia)
f. Traditional Tobacco
g. Fluecured Virginia Mysore
h. Dark Cigarette Tobacco
i. Indian Tobacco Burley
j. Fluecured Virginia NLS
k. Chewing Tobacco (Black Chopadia)

More information on Premier Tobacco Packers (P) Limited.

Contact Person:

B V S K Ratnam
Premier Tobacco Packers Pvt Limited

Phone: +91 863 23 56 772
Web: http://www.bbmbommidala.com


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