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Legacy Of A Great Name, Inheritance Of A World Class Business

BBM Bommidala Group is a family-owned business house, the entrepreneurial spirit driven by successive generations of the family.

A pioneering Indian Tobacco entity, the BBM Bommidala Group, with over 90 years of agri heritage, has been engaged in all areas of tobacco development, encompassing the entire supply chain - from growing leaf to export of processed leaf - to cut rag - to cigarettes and tobacco products.

From its humble beginnings as a tobacco trading company to become a business conglomerate with global presence in multiple fields which include Tobacco, Agronomy, Nutraceuticals, Infrastructure and Travel Retail, BBM has come a long way. The Group owes its current stature to its Visionary Founder and Chairperson, Bommidala Bhanu Murthy.

Having taken over as Managing Director in the year 1950, Mr. Bhanu Murthy, a great visionary, with his passion, grit and zeal, and his unwavering focus on standards and commitment, transformed BBM which is today a name to reckon with in processing as well as exports of tobacco and cigarettes - from seed to smoke.


A globe-trotter with sharp business acumen, Mr. Bhanu Murthy had initiated trade talks with Japan as early as 1952. BBM Group is the first Indian tobacco company to export to Japan, Hong Kong and to sign a direct trade contract with the then USSR. The Group is one of the earliest Indian promoters of trade with Indonesia. Under the mentoring leadership of its Chairperson, the BBM Group has successfully diversified and witnessed spectacular growth within and outside the tobacco domain.

The Group truly exemplifies the values, strength, longevity and endurance of the family business tradition of India.

Time Line

Realizing Opportunities, Setting Benchmarks

  • 1920

  • 1946

  • 1950

  • 1951

  • 1952

  • 1956

  • 1960

  • 1977

  • 1981

  • 1985

  • 1990

  • 1996

  • 1998

  • 2005

  • 2010

  • 2011

  • 2013

  • Bommidala Brothers Limited, a family owned concern, was founded by B. Koti Ratnam, from a prominent family hailing from a small village Saupadu near Guntur, in the State of Andhra Pradesh, for Trading in Tobacco and Agri products

  • Bommidala Bhanu Murthy initiated into Tobacco Trade by his father Mr. Koti Ratnam at a very young age as the Managing Partner of M/s Bommidala Purniah - Converted Trading to Export business

  • Founding Chairman Bommidala Bhanu Murthy takes over as Managing Director. Changes the course of the Indian tobacco industry

  • BBM amongst the first enterprises in India to build global trade relations

  • Focus Grows on Export business

  • Visionary Bommidala Bhanu Murthy was the First Indian to pioneer overseas trade of tobacco with Japan

  • BBM Introduces Raw Tobacco Processing (R&D)

  • Established direct tobacco contract with the erstwhile USRR (the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)

  • Started Business in Spices and Extraction of a product called Solanesol. A drug intermediary for Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) Received Innovation award

  • Commences R&D (Tobacco, Chilies, Tomatoes, Cashew nut shell oil & Nicotine etc.)

  • Processing was firmly established

  • Premier Tobacco Packers Pvt. Ltd. was created to manage Processing of Tobacco and Exports in short time - saving color and degradation of tobacco into scrap.

  • Hilton Tobaccos Pvt. Ltd. was set up for Cut tobacco and Manufacturing of Cigarettes

  • Started the Karedu Threshing Plant

  • Acquired Bio Pharma Labs. 2009 - Bio Pharma ventures into Nutraceuticals - Focus on Vitamins, Proteins, Colors and Food Supplements

  • Establishment of Premier Tobacco Processing Unit II with the state of art technology

  • Bommidala Enterprises was started

  • Restructuring of Company Initiated - called BBM Bommidala Group

  • Cut Tobacco Business & Operations at the Pothur Plant begin

  • The Travel Retail Business, BBM Duty Free was created for distribution in ISC Region. Product portfolio covers Tobacco, Confectionary, Spirits, Perfumes, Cosmetics and Travel Accessories.

  • BBM operates Lifestyle Luxury Retail Stores.

  • Besides, Travel Retail in Duty paid in several airports.

  • BBM Infra Ltd. was launched for Infra, IT Parks and Warehousing

  • Group Extends Global Foot Prints with the takeover of the cigarette manufacturing factory, the Intercontinental Tobacco Company FZE (ICTC FZE) in the Emirate of Ajman, UAE.

  • Expanding horizons beyond tobacco, BBM inks a JV with Essentra Plc., - forming - Essentra FZE Dubai - a leading international filter products manufacturer for Middle East and Africa region.