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Many Shades Of Chillies

Celebrated as the home of spices, India is a leading producer, consumer and exporter of spices in the world. The country produces around 7 million tons of different spices and holds the premier position in the world spices market meeting more than half of the global demand for spices.

Chilli is one of the most universal commercial spice crops, an integral ingredient in many cuisines around the world as it imparts pungency, taste, flavor and color.

Botanically known as Capsicum annuum L.; Capsicum frutescene L., the fruit varies in shape, size, color and degree of pungency. Distinctive varieties, around 400 found worldwide, are cultivated for diverse uses such as vegetable, pickles, sauces, spice and condiments.


Believed to have originated in South America - grown and consumed notably in Mexico and Peru in pre-Columbian times, the chili is said to have spread across much of the world, Asia and elsewhere, through the spice trade routes dominated by the Portuguese, European and Arab traders.

Indian chili is world famous essentially for two important traits-color and pungency.

Some chilies are famous for the red color because of the pigment Capsanthin and others are known for the biting pungency attributed to capsaicin.

Ranging from mild to fiery - eighteen versatile species of chilli are grown in the country - these include Bird's eye chilli (dhani), Byadagi (kaddi and daggi), Ellachipur Sannam, Guntur Sannam, Hindpur, Jwala, Kanthari White, Kashmiri Chilli, Madhya Pradesh Sannam, Madras Puri, Nagpur, Nalchetti, Ramnad Mundu, Sangli Sannam, Sattur, Mundu, Tadappally and Tomato Chilli (Warangal Chappatta).

Andhra Pradesh is the primary growing State for chilies in the country, home to six types, followed by Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram and some areas of Manipur, among others. Andhra Pradesh tops the list in dry chili production followed by Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Orissa and Karnataka.


BBM procures, processes and exports a range of chilies such as Sannam, Teja, Byadagi, wrinkle and Indum, as per customer requirements, in a choice of grades from deluxe to the best. The chilies are supplied in an selection of styles either manually de-stemmed, machine stem-cut or with stem, varying in color value as measured in ASTA units, seed content and spiciness usually represented on the Scoville Heat Scale (SHU), and shipped in an assortment of packaging preferences - from 5kg bags and boxes to 40ft HQ containers with a 13500 kg capacity.

Ample storage capacity and modernized temperature controlled warehouses add to the company's USP.

As a value addition, BBM is also marketing Chili powder under its own brand name.

The agri- model deploys stringent quality checks, from production and procurement, processing to packaging, and distribution to the final delivery to consumers internationally.

The company also mandatorily provides a Phytosanitary Certificate.

Committed to creating superior value for customers and business associates, BBM guarantees the most competitive pricing, premium quality, prompt delivery and cost effective merchandize, conforming to the current trends of product traceability.

BBM constantly endeavors to understand the needs of the customers, improve the quality of the services and processes using superior technology, serving to accomplish the mission of being the most preferred Indian supplier to end users around the globe.


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