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We Are One Of India's Leading Tobacco Company For Trading, Processing, Cut Tobacco And Cigarette Manufacturing.

From Seed to Smoke - Comprehensive Portfolio

With over 90 years of insight, BBM Bommidala Group is one of the few and most trusted seed-to-smoke global companies.

The BBM Bommidala Group started as a small tobacco trading company in 1920 in Andhra Pradesh, India. Today, almost a century in the business, the Group has evolved into a highly reputed global conglomerate with the activities spanning the complete value-chain including tobacco cultivation, tobacco supply, tobacco leaf processing, manufacturing of tobacco products and packaging of products.

The well-spread tobacco products portfolio covers cut tobacco, hookah blends, roll-your-own, cigarettes, cigars and cigarette filters.

Steady progress from the 1970s, led to the starting of a number of companies by the Group. Premier Tobacco Packers Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated to manage agronomy, processing and exports and Hilton Tobaccos Pvt. Ltd. for cut tobacco and cigarette manufacturing.

The Group building on its forte, extended its foot prints internationally with the acquisition of the cigarette manufacturing factory, the Intercontinental Tobacco Company FZE (ICTC FZE) in the Emirate of Ajman, UAE and established a Joint Venture for cigarette filters, Essentra FZE Dubai with the Essentra Group.

The Group's commitment to growth and expansion, conviction to persistent improvement in practice and technology, and ambition to emerge as a top global tobacco entity, continue as it reaches a century in the tobacco business.

Global Presence

The Group's pursuit of excellence and success is reflected in its intercontinental presence of 84-countries.
BBM's focused markets encompass the regions of Asia Pacific, Middle East, Central Asia, and South America.
Three large manufacturing units in India and the UAE combined, the tobacco businesses export premium tobacco and tobacco products, making it a One Stop Shop for all tobacco needs.

Highpoints of BBM Tobacco Operations

  • Infrastructure assets covering over 6 million sq feet

  • Leaf threshing capacity of over 300 tons a day

  • Multi production facilities (Indian & UAE)

  • Cigarette output capability of 15 billion sticks annually

  • Wide range of more than 600 international blends

  • Variants in machine strips, hand strips, butted and leaf form

  • Consistency in turnaround time, quality and blends

  • Ships to over 84 countries across the globe

  • 100 % adherence to delivery schedules

  • Committed, satisfied customers worldwide

  • Government recognition as a Star Export House

  • Expertise in tobacco blend, cigarette production with latest technology

  • Low Smell Tobacco

  • Strong international marketing competence

  • Thorough market knowledge in the Middle East and Africa

  • Global Tobacco Trading House sourcing leaf from Brazil, Africa, Asia Pacific

  • Long Trusted name in the tobacco sector

Highpoints of BBM Tobacco Operations

Pillars that Power Tobacco Ambitions


Sustainability is central to the Group's growth strategy. Integrated into the entire management system from crop, to the processes to the products, which include environmental criteria, safer working standards as well as other social measures.
Continued emphasis on inclusive development - efforts towards effective pre and post-harvesting practices have assured better quality and increased yields for farmers. Having embedded enduring sustainability policies in the entire tobacco value-chain, BBM has set a benchmark for being a truly successful business.


Many years of proficiency in the industry, the Group has progressively augmented capacities aligning with international market demands. Enhanced yields by farmers, scale up in processing facilities, manpower and production have added to the portfolio with new products and expanded markets.


Focusing on compliance and quality, the Group has established effectual traceability procedures from farming to packaging. In order to meet consumer demands for consistent supply of top of the range tobacco products, as well as to ensure confidence in the tobacco line, the design and implementation of traceable supply chains from farm to end-user has become an important part of the Group's assurance system.