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Customer Delight, Dedicated To Value Creation

Building on years of expertise and experience in exports, the BBM Bommidala Group achieved a 'Mile-Stone' with the establishment of the business of bringing the best of India's exotic variety of finest quality natural stone to customers worldwide.

The Group deals in an assorted selection of naturally quarried stone - from Granite to marble, sand stone, limestone and slate. The company also supplies aesthetic decorative stone of Indian origin.

With an unparallel understanding of the nature, structure and texture of the alluring variety of stone, and the ability to source, process and supply, BBM's specialization lies in fashioning granite, marble, or any other stone, into decorative products, in standard formats like kitchen worktops, countertops, vanity units and table tops, besides custom- fabricating the products to suit customer sensibilities.

Customer Delight, Dedicated To Value Creation

Adhering to world class standards, BBM also exports the exquisite stone in regular styles of Raw Blocks, Gangsaw Slabs, Cutter Slabs, Cut-to-Size and Tiles, in different finishes and dimensions.

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