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Committed To Creating A Better World

BBM Bommidala Group's CSR activities are rooted in the belief that true success is in the ability to give back to the communities, people and places

As a sustainable business house, the BBM Group has been pursuing numerous initiatives encompassing social, economic and environmental issues, focused on education, health care, farmer welfare, rural development and art and culture.

Philanthropy has been a core commitment of the business since inception and the Group executes its CSR activities under the stewardship of the Bommidala Bhanu Murthy Charitable Trust as well as in partnership with Government and NonGovernmental Organizations. Contributions are financial as well as non-cash donations.

Committed To Creating A Better World

Bommidala Bhanu Murthy Charitable Trust

The Bommidala Bhanu Murthy Charitable Trust is instrumental in driving impactful initiatives for the Group's CSR programs. Directing essential resources to those in need, the trust provides basic necessities, food to old age homes, clothes, drinking water and medical care. Apart from meeting infrastructure requirements such as vehicles and ambulances for hospitals, school/educational infrastructure, buildings, and CCTV cameras to aid traffic policing.

The Trust consistently expands the scope and reach of such campaigns and supports several government and non-governmental partners to deliver and improve the quality of life of the communities.

- Sustainable development principles
- Synergistic initiatives across group companies
- Engaged and responsible staff
- Belief in making significant and lasting impact
- Support to individuals and communities

Right To Education

Recognizing the importance of education in inspiring change and in shaping a brighter future, the trust funds the schooling of the economically disadvantaged students from the elementary to the Post Graduate level. Every year on the 10th of July, school and college fees are donated to, and merit scholarships awarded, to bolster the educational opportunities of deserving students.

Besides monetary assistance, in-kind support of students and basic infra-facility requisites at academic institutions are accomplished to improve access to quality learning.

Right To Education

BBM Strongly Believes:

Education Is The Premise Of Progress, In Every Society, In Every Family. With Immense Power To Transform.

Access To Quality Health Care

With an objective to enhance the reach of good quality health care services and medical facilities, the BBM Group in collaboration with the Trust undertakes a number of projects focusing on the most critical cancer care to health and eye camps, besides donating to hospitals to upgrade amenities and advance patient conveniences.

Improvement of infrastructure at the hospitals, and administering free comprehensive medical screening and treatment for employees and farmers are among the enduring activities. Medicines are made available to patients and basic transportation to and from hospitals are arranged through the Trust. Eye care camps are frequently conducted with the assistance of noted surgeons, as part of the plan of getting doctors to serve rural areas.

Expanding into specialty healthcare, the BBM Group set up the Bommidala Cancer Institute to extend and help the afflicted meet the high costs of medical treatment, without having to face financial hardship.

BBM believes: Health is First Wealth

Farmer Welfare

Farmer Welfare as a focal point of the CSR pursuit stems from the recognition that a healthy workforce and community are fundamental to the business.

Farmer Welfare

Investing in farmer potential, creating knowledge centers for ethical farming practices and providing better livelihoods form the crux of the Group's efforts for farmers.

Promoting Responsible Agriculture processes in educating growers through onfield demonstration, sharing knowledge about latest farming techniques and encouraging the adoption of suitable infrastructure and quality seeds have assured better yields.

BBM's tobacco operating companies promote Green Tobacco Sickness (GTS) awareness and safety best practices among growers and workers. Personnel are imparted information and training and the use of personal protective equipment is ensured. Besides, compliance with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) with respect to environmental, agronomical and labor criteria.

Rural & Community Development

Rural upliftment has been among the strongly championed endeavors of the Group in association with Non-Governmental Organizations.

Among the community facilities, the Trust has created social spaces in villages, donated RO water plants, and a marriage hall was constructed for the benefit of the people of Saupadu village in Andhra Pradesh. The Trust makes more such investments to elevate rural and community life in various regions.

In an effort to bring sustainability to the farmer community, the Trust constantly introduces new programs to transform and to enrich.

The BBM Group of Companies and the Bommidala Bhanu Murthy Charitable Trust work with the motto of creating happier and healthier people, enhanced living conditions and a promising future guided with education and human development.