Diverse Products

Dedicated to the continuous research of new technologies and processes, the business has successfully integrated capabilities and carries the promise to deliver a wide assortment of supplements, ingredients and end-products catering to the interests of diverse markets.




Sun flower Tocopherol - 10% - 70%
Soya Tocopherols - 10% - 70%
Tocopherol Succinate

Natural Vitamin E
Food product stability
Pet Foods
Cosmetics industry
Skin Creams & Sun Lotions

Sunflower Tocopherols Soya Tocopherols

90% & 95%
Beta Sitosterols

Treatment of Coronary heart disease & Control ulcer skin disease

MCT Oils

Controls digestion problems, Anti viral & Anti microbial

MCT Oils

Enriched Laurins

Baby food supplements & high energy source, Strengthens immune system

Enriched Coconut Laurins

Omega 3 - 18:12
Triglyceride Form

Reduce risk of heart attack
Regulate cholesterol triglyceride levels
Maximize intellectual potentials
Reduce short bowel syndrome
Treats Osteoporosis
Plus essential fatty acid deficiency
Controls rheumatoid arthritis
Controls Parkinson disease

Annatto Tocotrienols - 30%
Annatto Bixin - 40%
Annatto Nor-Bixin - 60%

Lowers blood cholesterol
Reduces arterial stiffness
Natural antioxidant
Anti ageing


Chilli powder
Turmeric powder
Cardamom powder
Onion powder
AR - Turmerone

Natural food colours
Anti bacterial, Antiseptic
Cancer treatment
Anti septic
Cosmetic industry

Turmeric powder

Rumen Bypass Fat

Contains high fat content and increases milk yield during lactating periods - Fantastic feed ingredient in the animal feed industry

High Acid Value Fatty acids

Used in Offshore oil drilling and manufacture of Bio Diesel

Poultry Feed Supplement

High Protein content that helps faster growth of the chicks in the poultry industry

Poultry Feed Supplement

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