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Upholding An Award-Winning Leadership Position In The Cut Tobacco Business

Tobacco is cut into thin shreds, in preparation for manufacturing of tobacco products, and undergoes conditioning by exposure to high temperatures and humidity. This restores suitable levels of moisture to facilitate easy cutting of the leaf, and tobacco is blended to give it a distinctive flavor.

BBM has made a mark for itself in the international cut tobacco industry. The Bommidala Group started the cut tobacco business in 1998 and offers a premium selection of cut tobacco blends - American, Virginia and Oriental. The Group has a capacity of more than 10,000 tons per annum.

Maintaining the keenest eye on processing and using the finest tobaccos, the Group, takes pride in upholding the consistency of blends, offering better filling value, good cutting quality, prompt delivery, and meeting the choice of taste and flavors of the customers worldwide, including for the most price conscious markets.

Persistent innovation, versatile leaf processing capabilities, diligent offerings and competitive pricing have won BBM accolades as the country's largest independent exporter of cut-rag and processed tobaccos for several consecutive years.

Upholding an Award-Winning Leadership Position in the Cut Tobacco Business Tobacco Blends
Tobacco Blends

Tobacco Blends

Designing Global Blends

Leveraging its strengths, BBM's in-house R&D division is one amongst the very few top-notch facilities, in collaboration with the contemporary blending studio using high precision technology has introduced a range of blends from the straight Virginia, Modified Virginia, Oriental, Air cured and as well as USB (American blend) for the premium, mainstream and value for money. RYO, MYO, pipe and chewing tobaccos are manufactured by using tobaccos procured from all over the world for blending, to meet the worldwide markets. A repertoire of over 306 global blends have been developed, the latest additions are of little cigars, flavored cigarettes and cigarillos.

Capabilities for production of flavor retained, low tar, low nicotine cigarettes have been designed for the more discerning customers as per their requirement by our master blender. The quality control laboratory, complete with nicotine and sugar estimation auto-analyzer, is well-appointed to evaluate a range of tobacco products.

  • In-house expertise in designing customized blends

  • Consistency of blends

  • Accuracy of making blends

  • Capacity to meet wide range of product variants

The Group with its new primary manufacturing plant with latest machinery, and by the virtue of the years of expertise and experience, takes pride in delivering the highest standard of cut tobacco of various blends, maintaining the consistency of blends, offering high filling value, premium cutting quality, prompt delivery, meeting the choice of taste and flavors of the customers spontaneously, including for the most price conscious markets.

Tobacco Blends

Roll-Your-Own Tobacco

Roll-your-own or make-your-own tobacco, is the oldest form of tobacco for smoking, pre-dating the use of the earliest pipes, and before the first machine- made cigarettes were manufactured.

Roll-your-own tobacco is popular to this day in several countries where smokers continue to favor Fine Cut cigarettes for its cost-effectiveness or by people who actually enjoy the ritual of making their own cigarettes.

BBM's RYO markets are focused in the Duty Free and Duty Paid regions in Asia and Europe.